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The Mischievous Stethoscope

Written by an overworked bumblebee at the hospital

The Mischievous Stethoscope is my first foray into casual academic writing. Here, everyone interested in healthcare is welcome. I publish articles related to recent medical advances, interesting medical facts and healthcare provision! Articles are written primarily with a UK audience in mind, but I have an international outlook so feel free to leave comments! It's always nice to be acquainted with different perspectives over any issue.

I've also got pages dedicated to my own research, medical learning resources, book recommendations, mental health, literature and more!

Due to my experience in radiology research (which entailed a year of reading scans voraciously), I've also added a page on reading Brain MRI Scans and why all medics should know this. Feel free to correct me if you see any mistakes!

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Liver encased in bubble-wrap film

A lucky outing where I've seen polycystic liver disease claiming its victims for the first time in the wild. Bubbles going wild for sure.

Red Nut in Children

The unique case of Elmo, a seven-year old boy who has a scrotal mass. This article explores the differential diagnoses of scrotal masses.

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Feel free to drop me a line - I welcome constructive comments regarding any article I post and how I could improve this site. I'm still learning so do bear with me!

Wilkins Building, Gower Street, London, UK

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